Ancient Beads Trunk Show & Sale

Friday, August 29th    10am to 4pm

Ancient Bead SaleWe are planning a truly unique and unusual trunk show next month! E.J. Gold and Jewels of Ancient Lands will be showcasing an extensive collection of ancient beads, some of which have not been seen on the market for over thirty years.

Jewels of Ancient LandsEJ Gold - Jeweler is renowned for its collection of newly-made necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other jewelry items made with actual ancient stone, shell, faience, glass and bronze beads. Over the past several decades, a vast store of “extra” ancient beads began to amass itself. It is this group of more than 10,000 ancient beads that is being offered in this one-day “trunk-show” sale.Ancient Bead Sale

Some of the beads in the show date back to the very beginning of civilization, the Late Stone Age, about 10,000 years ago. The cultures represented range from Egyptian 18th Dynasty through Greek, Roman, Medieval and Genuine rarely seen African Tribal beads made in Africa by Africans during the 19th century. Other cultures represented will be early Tibetan, Pre-Columbian, Western Asiatic, Mongolian and more.

Also featured will be silver and gold rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces artisaned in Grass Valley & Nevada City, all of which are made precisely in the ancient style, using .925 sterling silver or 18 karat gold, together with guaranteed authentic ancient beads most of which are over 2,000 years old.

EJ Gold Handmade RingsPrices start at only $4 per bead. Very rare beads can run much higher, well into the hundreds. The less expensive “starter” ancient beads are intended for beginning and curious collectors, but serious bead collectors will not be disappointed. No collection this large, this extensive or this important in the ancient bead trade has been shown for many years, and some of the beads in the collection cannot be replaced at any price.

The reason for the sale? To introduce people to the vast and wonderful world of history — the collection will be curated and sold by a group of educators, who also happen to be members of FAXL, a local “geezer band” that will be playing jazz, blues, folk-rock and a bit of bluegrass, if they’re asked, just outside the shop, on the front guest area. Refreshments will be served.