Our Favorite Gemstone Bead Trunk Show is Back!

One Day Only! Wednesday Aug 5th 10am to 6pm SAVE THE DATE!  For the past four years we have hosted a fabulous gemstone bead show and we’re excited to be doing it again this August. We only have one day to host this popular event, so let’s make it a great day! …


Five Steps to Better Crimp Beads and Covers

Closing the crimp cover.

We’ve talked about crimping and crimp beads before, but sometimes people are still unsure about how well their crimp beads are holding or they are unhappy with the finished look of the crimp. Here are some in-depth steps to better crimp beads and covers, along with some troubleshooting tips and tricks.


Jewelers Saw Blade Chart

Jeweler's Saw

How to Choose the Right Saw Blade for the Job The saw blade you choose depends on the gauge, or thickness of the metal sheet you will be cutting. Using a blade that is too coarse is like cutting a dowel rod with a big wood saw – the teeth will …


Your Personal Seed Bead Color Palette

A Handy Tool for Organizing Your Seed Bead Colors Use this pocket seed bead color palette to know exactly what colors you have at home! I love to use green in my beadwork.  Ask me my favorite color and I’ll typically say blue,but you’d never guess it by looking at …


Bead Embroidery Workshop with Andrea Grzabka

Bead Embroidery by Andrea Grzabka

Three-Day Workshop: [2014]  Sept. 11, 18, 25  (1-5pm)  $120 Beginners Welcome! Learn the art of Bead Embroidery with bead artist Andrea Grzabka.  Andrea is an accomplished bead embroidery artist and we are thrilled to have her teaching in our community. Her pieces have won Best in Show in the California State …


Simple Loop or Wrapped Loop?

Simple vs Wrapped Loop for Wire Jewelry

How to Choose Which Wire Loop to Make For Your Jewelry Project The most helpful wire-working technique you can know is making a loop in a piece of wire. There are two types of loop that you can make: the simple loop (aka “open loop”), and the wrapped loop (aka “closed loop”).


Ancient Beads Trunk Show & Sale

Ancient Bead Sale

We are planning a truly unique and unusual trunk show next month! E.J. Gold and Jewels of Ancient Lands will be showcasing an extensive collection of ancient beads, some of which have not been seen on the market for over thirty years.


Stamped Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

Stamped Metal Cuff Bracelets

These stamped metal cuff bracelets are so easy and always impressive. There’s quite a variety of options: metal, width, gauge, letters, fonts, design stamps, textures and so on. It’s impossible NOT to make something personalized and one-of-a-kind!


What Video Tutorials Do You Want?

Jewelry Video Tutorials

Tell Us What Beading and Jewelry-Making Video Tutorials You’re Looking For We’re gearing up to make a series of short, informative how-to videos that will be posted here for free. They will be simple tutorials for basic beading and jewelry making techniques that will hopefully be a great reference for …


Beading Design Basics

Labradorite Obsidian Necklace

Five Great Layouts for Your Beading Designs. Getting familiar with some basic beading design layouts and learning about the elements of composition will help get you on track!


Three Quick Jewelry Making Tutorials to Print

How To Make Earrings, Use a Crimp Bead, Use a Knot Cover Here are three quick guides to show you how to do a few basic jewelry making and beading techniques. These are pdf files that you can print out. Basic Earring Construction (pdf) Attaching a clasp with Crimp Beads (pdf) How To …


Gemstone Bead Trunk Show & Sale!

One Day Only! Monday May 19th 10am to 6pm For the past three years we have hosted a fabulous gemstone bead show and we’re excited to be doing it again this May. We only have one day (a Monday!) to host this popular event, so let’s make it a great …


Website Redesign!

Mana Beads Blog

Striving to make your projects more successful If you have been familiar with our website, you’ll notice that we’ve made a few changes to the way it looks. After several months of tweaking, we finalized some changes to the design of our website and we’re excited to share it with …


Easy Project – Wire Bird Nest Tutorial

Wire Bird Nest Tutorial

A quick and easy wire bird nest tutorial with beads for eggs. We have shown this technique to dozens of interested beaders and they are always amazed at how easy it is! Combined with brass components, the look is truly fabulous. Here’s how to make a wire bird nest:   …


The Art of Selling Your Crafts

with Nanette Jordan $65 for two 3-hour sessions (6 hours total) Mondays, April 14 & 21, both days from 5pm to 8pm   We are proud to welcome guest instructor Nanette Jordan for an intensive, two-part seminar on selling your crafts. This is an information-packed 2-session workshop for artists considering …