How To Use a Crimping Tool

How to Use a Crimp Tool

Attaching a clasp with Crimp Tubes and a Crimping Tool When you use crimp tubes, you have the option of using either needlenose pliers or a crimp tool to flatten your crimp. Typically, both methods hold equally well, but using a crimping tool makes a smaller, tidier finished look. Personally, …


How To Use Crimp Beads (Tutorial)

Ribbed Crimp Bead

Attach a clasp using flex wire and crimp beads How to attach a clasp to your beadwork partly depends on what material you are using to string. When you are using flexible beading wire (such as Soft Flex), the best way to attach a clasp is to use crimp beads. …


How To Use Wire Protectors (Tutorial)

Wire Protector

I love these little horseshoe-shaped jewelry findings! They are particularly handy with seed bead weaving but make a great clasp enhancement for any piece of jewelry. Their main purpose is to protect your wire or thread from persistent, damaging rubbing against a clasp and they can be used with just about any …


How To Use Knot Covers (Tutorial)

Clamshell Knot Cover

Attach a clasp using thread or cording and knot covers How to attach a clasp to your beadwork partly depends on what material you are using to string. When you are using thread or cording (such as silk ), a great way to attach a clasp is to  use knot covers. …


How To Make Earrings (Tutorial)

Basic Earring Construction (“Simple Loop”) Earrings are great projects, because with a few tools you can have a finished piece in a matter of minutes. Instant gratification! Follow the steps below to learn the very basics of how to make earrings using a simple loop. 1. After you’ve chosen the beads …


How to Choose Pearls

Classic Knotted Pearl Necklace

What should I look for when I’m purchasing pearls? Freshwater pearls are a beautiful jewelry component that add class and style to any design. They are also fun to use because the variety available today is incredibly vast and they are offered in a wide range of prices. So, with …


What to Make for Christmas

Wire Snowflake

Ten Ideas for Beaded Christmas Gifts JEWELRY! There are way too many kinds of jewelry to name so we’re listing it as one idea. Whether it’s earrings, a necklace, bracelet, or anklet, jewelry is an affordable and personalized gift that everyone loves! BOOKMARKS Our metal bookmarks have a ring at …


Ask Us – About Netsukes

from The Bead Scoop Volume II Issue 4 Dec 2008 from The Bead Scoop Vol. II  Issue 4  Dec 2008 Q. What are Ojimes and Netsukes? A.  Aisha Buntin wrote for the Hawaii Antiques & Collectibles Newspaper” “Japan during the seventeenth century was a world without pockets. To carry medicines, tobacco, …


Did You Know? Jade in the World

Jade has a rich history of folklore! from The Bead Scoop Vol. II Issue 3 Sep 2008 Jade has been used for centuries and is prized for its unique green color and unbreakable durability. We see it used all over the world in jewelry, carvings, tools and ritual items. There …


Ask Us – About Chain Mail

from The Bead Scoop Vol. II Issue 3 Sep 2008 Q. What is Chain Mail? A. In today’s beading design world, “Chain Mail” (or sometimes “chain maille”) refers to the technique of linking jump rings together to create jewelry designs – particularly chain patterns. No one really knows when the …


Did You Know? About fire-polished beads

What does “fire-polished” mean? from The Bead Scoop Vol. II Issue 2 July 2008 “Fire-polished” refers to a process applied in glass beadmaking primarily in the Czech Republic. The beads are first pressed in a mold and machine faceted, then run through a furnace at a high temperature, barely melting …


Ask Us – About Herringbone Stitch

from The Bead Scoop Vol. II  Issue 2 July 2008 Q. What is Ndebele Beadwork? A. Ndebele beadwork is defined in The Illustrated Bead Bible (2008, by Theresa Flores Geary, Ph.D.) as: “Beadwork, made with the notable bead netting or herringbone stitch by the Ndebele, a tribe living in Transvaal …


How To… Measure Jump Rings

Determining the interior and outside diameter of jump rings Some patterns call for jump rings based on their interior diameter (ID). If you only know the outside diameter (OD) of your ring, subtract twice the width of the wire gauge from the OD measurement. For instance, 18 ga wire is …


Did You Know? About Huichol Art

The Huichol tribe of Mexico express their beliefs through their artwork from The Bead Scoop Vol. II  Issue 1 Mar 2008 Along the borders of the states of Jalisco and Nayarit, Mexico, in the mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental, live an indigenous tribe of unique and magical people: the …


Ask Us – About Turquoise

from The Bead Scoop Vol. II, Issue 1 Mar 2008 Q. What does “stabilized turquoise” mean? A. As we all know, turquoise is a beautiful gemstone that has been prized for centuries in all corners of the world. One of the oldest pieces of jewelry was a turquoise bracelet found …