What to Make for Christmas

Ten Ideas for Beaded Christmas Gifts

  1. JEWELRY! There are way too many kinds of jewelry to name so we’re listing it as one idea. Whether it’s earrings, a necklace, bracelet, or anklet, jewelry is an affordable and personalized gift that everyone loves!
  2. BOOKMARKS Our metal bookmarks have a ring at the top where you can attach a dangle of beads that will decorate the spine of the book. You could also make a “book thong” – a thin strand of linen with pretty beads on each side.
  3. CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS The easiest ornament to make is with a snowflake form. Just put beads on the spokes, bend the ends and you’re done! We also have lots of books that will show you how to make more elaborate designs.
  4. WINE CHARMS Always handy, wine charms will distinguish one person’s glsas from another. Use ring memory wire with charms and beads to make the perfect set.
  5. NAPKIN RINGS Bracelet-size memory wire makes a great napkin ring. Keep it simple or make a multiple-ring banded design.
  6. BEADED WATCH Choose from gold, silver, or copper color watch faces for a great beaded watch/bracelet. Make it elastic or use a clasp.
  7. ZIPPER PULL or CELL PHONE CHARM It’s almost TOO easy to add beads to zipper pull components! Great for group gifts or door prizes.
  8. KEYCHAIN Find a special set of beads that your loved one can hold onto throughout the day.
  9. EYEGLASS CHAIN String up some colorful beads and add eyeglass holders on the ends. Your friend will never lose her glasses again!
  10. SUNCATCHERS Add some sparkle to someone’s window with a suncatcher crystal on a beaded hanging cord.

from The Bead Scoop Vol. II Issue 4  Dec 2008