How To… Finish leather cord

Use Crimp ends on leather cording to attach a clasp

From The Bead Scoop Vol. I Issue 3, Dec 2007

In order to attach a clasp to leather cording, you need some finding that will create a secure loop at the end of the cord. There are several findings that accomplish this task but here we will talk about the crimp end. It is simply a tube with a loop at one end. Slide your cording into the “tube” and crimp, or squish, the center section of the tube to hold the cord in place. Attach a clasp to the loop on the end. Another crimp end will go on the opposite end of the cording. Often the clasp can connect directly into this second crimp end.

TIP #1: Be sure to crimp the center section of the tube in a way that your pliers are parallel to the loop. If you squish that section with the loop at a perpendicular position, you will break the crimp end and your clasp will fall off.
TIP #2: Take note of the interior diameter (I.D.) of the crimp end. It should be just slightly larger than the diameter of your cord. If it’s too big, the crimp might not hold. If it’s too small, then the cording will obviously not fit into the tube.
TIP #3: If your necklace will be worn with care, you can opt for a crimp end with a hook to act as your clasp. This is not as safe as something like a lobster clasp but it is attractive and saves money.