How To… Use Beading Chain

Using Beading Chain in your Designs

from The Bead Scoop Vol. II  Issue 1, March 2008

Swarovski Crystal Silver Chain Necklace

Multi-strand necklace using beading chain.

You have probably seen some great designs using a thin beading chain with beads somehow secured right on the chain. Using beading chain is EASY!

First, cut a desired length of chain and find beads that will fit (most chain is 0.5-0.7mm).

Next, decide how you want to space out the beads on the chain. Each bead “set” is added to the chain with a crimp bead on either side of the set. Slide the beads into place and carefully smash the crimp bead where you want the beads to sit. Smash the crimp bead on the other side of to secure the set in place.

Lastly, use a “crimp end” at each end of your chain and attach the clasp to the ring on the crimp end. You now have a beautiful necklace of beads floating on an elegant chain!