Jewelers Saw Blade Chart

How to Choose the Right Saw Blade for the JobJeweler's Saw

The saw blade you choose depends on the gauge, or thickness of the metal sheet you
will be cutting.

Using a blade that is too coarse is like cutting a dowel rod with a big wood saw – the teeth will get hung up and won’t cut through. But too fine a blade won’t work either. Like cutting a 4×4 piece of wood with a little hacksaw – your blade will barely make a dent in the wood before it wears out or breaks.

Overlay Tree Pendant

Tree Pendant Cut with a Jeweler’s Saw

The “correct” saw blade will have three teeth on the metal thickness. So, if your sheet is thicker, your blade will be coarser. But, who wants to use a microscope to see three teeth of a size 4/o blade and how it relates to your metal thickness?! Plus, there is a very wide range of blades you can choose from and still have success with your cutting. Sometimes, for instance, you want to choose a thicker blade for a thicker line. Or perhaps you only have one size on hand and you really want to work on your piece.

Follow the jewelers saw blade chart below for best results, but don’t be afraid to try blades that aren’t “appropriate” for your metal gauge. You’ll notice a difference in how the cutting feels and the width of the line, but it’s not impossible. For instance, I often reach for a 2/o blade with my 24ga sheet – mainly because I have a lot of them on hand. And it’s never a disaster.

sawblade chart