Your Personal Seed Bead Color Palette

A Handy Tool for Organizing Your Seed Bead Colors

Use this pocket seed bead color palette to know exactly what colors you have at home!

I love to use green in my beadwork.  Ask me my favorite color and I’ll typically say blue,but you’d never guess it by looking at my seed bead collection. It’s all about the greens. Olive green, forest green, teal, emerald…. somehow I just keep choosing green.

And I believe I’m not alone. I think a lot of us tend to be drawn to the same color palette when choosing our beads – which, in my opinion is just fine.  If we’re beading for the enjoyment of the creative process and the opportunity to express ourselves through color, then what colors we choose are personal and above critique.

So I feel it’s all well and good when I embrace my passion for greens and load up my seed bead stock. Except when I find myself buying the same color. More than once. Sure, I love DB125 Emerald Gold Luster 11/o Delicas. But do I need three tubes? The problem is, I forget what I have at home and just keep picking it out.

seedbeadpalette2Fortunately, I’ve discovered a handy reference tool for organizing the seed beads I have at home. It’s quick and easy to pop into my purse and it actually serves three purposes.

  • It keeps me from buying a bead I already have
  • It reminds me of a bead I had but used up
  • It helps me choose new colors to match ones I already have



It’s very simple. You need safety pins (all the same size works best) and a key ring or clip ring (like a shower curtain ring). If you want to keep track of color numbers, you’ll also need some dumbbell tags. All of these are available at most office supply stores.

Put five or six seed beads on the safety pin. Mark the color number on the dumbbell tag and attach it to the opposite side of the pin. Attach the pin to the clip ring. Done!