How to Choose Pearls

Classic Knotted Pearl Necklace

What should I look for when I’m purchasing pearls? Freshwater pearls are a beautiful jewelry component that add class and style to any design. They are also fun to use because the variety available today is incredibly vast and they are offered in a wide range of prices. So, with …


Did You Know? About fire-polished beads

What does “fire-polished” mean? from The Bead Scoop Vol. II Issue 2 July 2008 “Fire-polished” refers to a process applied in glass beadmaking primarily in the Czech Republic. The beads are first pressed in a mold and machine faceted, then run through a furnace at a high temperature, barely melting …


Did You Know? About Pearls

From The Bead Scoop Vol. I  Issue 3, Dec 2007 Where Do Freshwater pearls come from? Freshwater pearls are simply pearls formed by freshwater mussels rather than saltwater oysters. Both mollusks produce pearls in a similar way: an irritant (the proverbial “grain of sand”) enters a mollusk’s shell and cannot …