How To Use Knot Covers (Tutorial)

Attach a clasp using thread or cording and knot covers

How to attach a clasp to your beadwork partly depends on what material you are using to string. When you are using thread or cording (such as silk ), a great way to attach a clasp is to  use knot covers. They will hide the knot made in whatever thread you may have chosen and they offer a connector for attaching the clasp. The example in the tutorial below uses “clamshell” knot covers, named for the way the cover closes over the knot.

Follow the steps below to learn the very basics of knot covers.

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1. Cut your thread to the desired length using flush cutters. Tie a knot at the end of the thread and then string a knot cover onto it. (A) Take note that the open “mouth” of the clamshell is heading towards the knot.

2. Trim the thread close to the knot. You can add a dab of glue (like Hypo-Tube Cement) to the knot at this point to ensure that it will hold. (B)

3. Using needlenose pliers, close the clamshell around the knot. (C)

4. Knot covers have a little “hook” on them. These are used for attaching the clasp. Slide your clasp onto the hook, and bend the hook to close it around the clasp. (D)

5. String your beads onto the thread and repeat the procedure on the other side. Simple! You’re done!