What Video Tutorials Do You Want?

Tell Us What Beading and Jewelry-Making Video Tutorials You’re Looking For

We’re gearing up to make a series of short, informative how-to videos that will be posted here for free. They will be simple tutorials for basic beading and jewelry making techniques that will hopefully be a great reference for many people. We plan to cover techniques on basic bead stringing, wire work and wire wrapping, metal work and bead weaving stitches.

Jewelry Video TutorialsExamples of Possible Video Tutorials:

  • How to Use a Crimp Bead
  • How to Use a Cone
  • Good Options for Multi-strand Designs
  • Making a Basic Loop for an Earring
  • How to Make a Wrapped Loop
  • How to Use Half-Round Wire for Binding
  • How to Use Specialty Tools
  • How to Use a Jeweler’s Saw
  • How to Stamp Letters on Metal
  • What Needle and Thread Should I Use for My Pattern
  • Possible Closures for Flat Peyote Stitch
  • How to Splice on a New Thread in Bead weaving

We have lots of ideas and only a few are listed above. We thought we’d ask YOU what you want to see. Is there a technique that is always challenging? Could you use some tips on how to make a project easier?

Leave a comment below to give us your input and we will try to make the video happen!


  1. I can’t wait!!!

  2. I would love to have more options on beaded clasps – options, how to’s. I bead something nice, then don’t know how to put the best closing for my piece.

    • Thanks for the input Mary! Do you mean clasp/closure options for bead-weaving projects (like ways to end a peyote stitch bracelet, for example) or options for regular stringing (like a basic necklace or bracelet)?