Easy Project – Wire Bird Nest Tutorial

A quick and easy wire bird nest tutorial with beads for eggs.

Bird Nest NecklaceWe have shown this technique to dozens of interested beaders and they are always amazed at how easy it is! Combined with brass components, the look is truly fabulous. Here’s how to make a wire bird nest:


Bird Nest Tutorial

Step One

Step 1
Cut a piece of wire about 18-24″ long (22 gauge “Vintage Brass” wire from Beadsmith, shown). Put three beads on the wire (8mm Amazonite shown) and slide them down about 3″ from one end. Bend the wire around, forcing the beads into a group. Twist the wire just once to keep the beads in place.

Bird Nest Tutorial

Step Two

Step 2
Wrap the longer end of wire around the beads staying along the edges as much as possible. Do this at least 4 times or until you have about 5-6″ of wire left over. Don’t worry about keeping the wire neatly bundled. Overlapping wires make it look more like a nest!

Wire Bird Nest Tutorial

Step Three

Step 3
When you’ve wrapped around the beads as much as you want, stop wrapping just after you pass by the twist you made in Step 1. Still using the longer end of the wire, bundle the edges as shown, between two beads. Be sure to include the interior wire that grouped all the beads when you started. After 3-4 bundling wraps, move on to the next point between two beads and do the same thing. Use the shorter end of the wire to bundle the last spot. Trim your wire and tuck it away. You can add jump rings to this nest or use the wire to make a bail or loops for connection.